About HSRI

Hypersonic Systems Research Institute of "Leninetz" Holding Company

The main objective of our company is the development and extensive use of the new hypersonic technologies that are to become the basis for the creation of aviation and aerospace engineering of the new generation. Our technologies came into existence and are progressing on a firm basis of a new conception on the mastery of sustained hypersonic flight in atmosphere. The author of the concept named “Ajax” was chief designer of the Hypersonic Systems Research Institute (HSRI) Vladimir L. Freigstadt. It includes three (3) main areas:

  • active thermal protection 
  • MGD-control of the air flow 
  • Plasma-control of the aerodynamic performance of the vehicles

In all these areas our company holds top-priority positions not only in our country but abroad too. We actively participate in the international projects and share the results obtained at the meetings with our foreign counterparts. All works in the field of hypersonic technology are conducted with the active involvement of the co-operation of the leading national scientific-and-technical and industrial enterprises.

The distinctive feature of our technologies is the possibility of their use in many practically useful areas, even ones not directly related to the hypersonic aerospace engineering. Methods of active thermal protection can be applied also for cooling any heat-stressed elements of heat engineering, methods of MGD-generation can produce energy where the creation of high-velocity flows is possible, methods of plasma aerodynamics allow reduction or removal of the shock wave when breaking the hypersonic barrier, etc. We take part in many ecological projects of Saint- Petersburg.

The HSRI team has experience in many areas associated with physics, chemistry, aero -dynamics. The company is headed by doctor of technical science professor Alexander L. Kuranov, and the research in various areas are supervised by the MAI academician, doctor of physical-and-mathematical sciences (PMS) Vladimir V. Kuchinsky, candidate of PMS Alexei V. Korabelnikov. The HSRI is an integral part of a large Leninetz holding company and it makes use of its powerful scientific-and-industrial base.

We are confident that application of the knowledge-based and breakthrough technologies that we develop will be continuously expanded.