IX International Workshop

IX International Workshop
“Thermochemical processes in plasma aerodynamics”
St.Petersburg, Russia
July 2-6, 2012


IX International Workshop "Thermochemical processes in plasma aerodynamics" organized by the  "Leninetz" Holding Company, with the assistance of Hypersonic Systems Research Institute, EOARD, AFOSR, AFRL, and the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

The Workshop aims to bring together the international scientific community of the aerospace industry, traditionally serves as a platform for fruitful exchange of scientific knowledge and research findings.

The basic topics to be covered at the Workshop:
  • Active thermal protection on the basis of endothermic reactions
  • The problems of catalysis at the hydrocarbon fuel regeneration
  • Combustion of a modified hydrocarbon fuel
  • Non-equilibrium kinetics with hydrocarbon components participation
  • Plasma aerodynamics of flows
  • Introduction of a laser energy to the stable air intersected by shock waves