First Announcement


Thermochemical processes in plasma aerodynamics”


July, 2-6, 2012

“LENINETZ” Holding Company


Hypersonic System Research Institute

In co-operation with:

Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University

under sponsorship of

European Office of Aerospace Research & Development


The Workshop “Thermochemical processes in plasma aerodynamics” will be held in the “Leninetz” Holding Company (St.Petersburg) on July  2-6, 2012.


The basic topics to be covered at the Workshop:

- Active thermal protection on the basis of endothermic reactions

- The problems of catalysis at the hydrocarbon fuel regeneration

- Combustion of a modified hydrocarbon fuel

- Non-equilibrium kinetics with hydrocarbon components participation

- Plasma aerodynamics of flows

- Introduction of a laser energy to the stable air intersected by shock waves


Organizing Committee