Third Announcement


Thermochemical processes in plasma aerodynamics”


July, 2-6, 2012

“LENINETZ” Holding Company


Hypersonic System Research Institute

In co-operation with:

Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University

under sponsorship of

European Office of Aerospace Research & Development


Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to notify you that your unclassified papers have been accepted for presentation at the international symposium Thermochemical and Plasma Processes in Aerodynamics to be held at the Leninets Holding Company, St. Petersburg, Russia on July 2-6, 2012.  

We want to remind you that the final manuscript deadline is June 15. Your completed manuscripts are to be e-mailed to: ( The authors are urged to comply with the following:

The presentation should be processed for A4 format and should not exceed 10 pages in English. The preferred type is Times New Roman 12-point. The title of the report must be typed by a semi-bold font and centered. The list of authors should be centered too, positioned 20 points below the title and typed in italics. The address of the authors has to be the address for correspondence with one of them and positioned 20 points below the list of the authors and leveled on the left field. The text of report should be printed in two columns with a space from above, from below, at the left and on the right in 25mm, and distance between the columns - 8mm. The text of the report should be leveled throughout the width and start 25 points lower the authors address.


Organizing Committee